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Respect Food: Wasting Food is Wasting Life | GRUNDIG #RespectFood

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Data publicare : 22 Jan 2021 / In Other

Unlike humans, food doesn’t judge us or discriminate against us. It doesn’t choose to feed only the young and youthful and discard the old and the sick. Food doesn’t value us any less or more depending on how we treat it. It gives and gives and takes nothing back.
Food is life. And it never lets us down. Respect.

At GRUNDIG, we feel that it’s our responsibility to lead the fight against food waste.
To remind the world not to take food for granted, but to treat it with care and be mindful of what we put in our bins.
Because respecting food is the only way to make our earth the best home to be.


Join us, and let's #RespectFood together: https://www.respectfood.com

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