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Sa invatam engleza - VACANTA / HOLIDAY - Let's Learn English

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Data publicare : 27 Nov 2020 / In Film & Animation

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În această lectie video învăţăm:
-întrebări despre vacanţă
-cuvinte specifice vacanţei la mare
-exprimarea surprizei plăcute sau neplăcute
VACANŢĂ - Lectie de limba engleza pentru incepatori, cu cuvinte si propozitii, subtitrate in romana (metoda vizuala).
Exersati cuvinte si propozitii utile, atat in ritmul vorbirii naturale, cat si lent. Subtitrarea in romana si imaginile fac invatarea placuta si eficienta. Lectia VACANŢA se adreseaza in special incepatorilor, dar poate fi utila si distractiva si pentru intermediari. Spor la invatat!
English lesson for the beginners, with words and sentences, translated into Romanian (visual approach).
Practice useful words and sentences, both in natural speech pace, and slow pace. Romanian subtitles and images make the learning process fun and effective. The lesson HOLIDAY targets especially beginners, but it could also be useful and entertaining for intermediates. Enjoy!

Textul lectiei:
- Hi Rebecca. Long time, no see! Where did you go on holiday?
- I went to the South of France.
- Do you have friends there?
- Yes, my friend is in Nice. She works in a hotel.
- Does she live near the beach?
- No, she doesn't. She has a small house in a village near the city.
- And how was your holiday?
- It was ok. The weather was fine and the people were friendly.
- It sounds great!
- Yes, but...
- But what?
- I left my suitcase in the taxi from the airport.
I lost my camera, my sunglasses, my swimsuit and all my clothes.
- Oh, no. That's awful. So what did you do?
- I had my credit card in my handbag, so I bought some new clothes.
- That was lucky!
-Yes, but I didin't have enough money for a new camera. So I didn't take any photos.
- Oh, no. What a shame!

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