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Star vs. the Forces of Evil Soundtrack - Eclipsa's Theme

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Data publicare : 28 Nov 2020 / In Other

Extremely late with this. I could have spared some time to post this earlier, but better late than never.

Star vs. the Forces of Evil is owned by Disney, Daron Nefcy and her crew.
Music is composed by Brian H. Kim.

00:00 - Star meets Eclipsa
01:03 - The Magic Archives
01:34 - Knew There Was Something Missing
02:35 - Anything Meteora Wants
02:49 - Conquer (Eclipsa attacks Meteora)
04:02 - Conquer (Ending)
06:07 - Eclipsa vs. Mina
06:43 - Solarian Wound
07:22 - Eclipsa Trapped
07:47 - The Spell That Has No Name

#eclipsa #butterfly #theme song #musicsoundtrack #brian h kim #daron nefcy #esme bianco
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